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death_by_spoons [userpic]

I Don't Know If I have A Job still...

October 15th, 2006 (05:27 am)
current song: Dekiai-176BIZ.

Well I Went in for my first day of "work" and I met the boss man ...Ick he's horrible he treats me like I'm not even human.. Anyway He said today was a training interview I don't really know what that means. I think it means he wants to see how I work but I have a feeling he doesn't like me. He said he has to decide if he wants to shedule me. The supervisor their said he'll probably call tommorow. If he doesn't I'm calling him...My feet are sore and I didn't even get payed for today.

Well It doesn't matter anyway I have an interview at famous players at 6 so hopefully they'll hire me so I won't be stuck working their.

The most annoying part of all this is I don't even know if I'm hired. I don't even know if the supervisor is going to tell him I Worked hard or he's just gonna judge me from the little words we said to eachother. At one moment I Was just sitting on the floor to clean and hes like stand up and clean and I told him it was eaiser if I stood that I could get to the items eaiser and he was like now your touching ground go wash your hands.

I don't know...he'd better call tommorow.