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Orientation Wedesday

October 21st, 2006 (07:34 am)

current mood: satisfied
current song: D'espairs ray- Maverick

Yes I'm offically hired at silvercity I have orientation on Wedesday they asked me for my Sin and a photo id and my bank thingy. I'm so excited EEEEE!! EEEEE!!! EEEEE!!! joy, joy , joy.

I'm happy on monday I'm going to pacfic mall with my fwiend lehannah and were getting stuff and when I start working at silvercity after 3 months I get free movie passes.

On a side note my boyfriend got me tons of new mangas.


After school nightmare

Vampire Doll

Junijo Romantica ((Yaoi))

Sakano # 2

On another note...I can now finally afford to buy stuff I'm so happy. >>
*squeals of delight* Anyway I also heard Diru's preview for their new single its fucking amazing. Holy shitty shit. O yah I also saw Barbra Streisand she was pretty good but the group performing with her was amazing.

I recommend checking out Ell Divo..Amazing and their all sexy to.

Anyway talk to you later Vicki


Posted by: Peromyscus (peromyscus)
Posted at: October 22nd, 2006 01:18 am (UTC)

I want some free movie passes :D

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