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Chapter 4: Warm Rain

September 7th, 2006 (01:01 pm)

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Chapter 4: Warm Rain

"So what’s this meeting about" Die asked Kaoru ignoring the looks between Toshiya and him. Since they got there it had been nothing but awkward silence. Die had better things to do than listen to silence. If that was what he wanted, he could talk to Shinya, and talking to Shinya was like talking to a wall...a very boring wall. He glanced over at Shinya and smirked...poor, poor Shinya he's so...Shinya.

"Well this meeting was about," Kaoru said, sending a dirty glare to Toshiya, "a tour we have to plan for Canada and the U.S." Die's eyes seemed to brighten at the thought of Canada "Yeah they were really nice, who would have thought we had Canadian fans?" Kaoru listened nonchalantly. Toshiya cleared his throat and Kaoru glared icily.

"How...are we planning this...don't we have to check with management?" Toshiya asked timidly. Kaoru turned his head sharply "like you care...anyway we could have a concert near February and start the tour maybe in January?" At this Kyo looked at them...he remembered Toronto’s show, falling…bleeding...oh the pain. "Aren't the winters in Canada harsh? I heard they get like, fifteen feet of snow." Everyone raised their eyebrows at Die's analysis. What was Die on?

"So, Kaoru, what did you do last night?" Die asked smugly. "Got any ass?" Toshiya's eyes widened at that and looked down. "No." Kaoru replied stoically. "Touchy, touchy...guess you didn't get any ass." Die replied, and at this Toshiya giggled, still looking at the floor.

"What are you laughing at?" Toshiya shut up immediately upon hearing Kaoru's voice.

"So Kyo what do you think?" Toshiya asked changing the subject. Kyo awoke with a start and mumbled out "okay", going back to his nap. Kaoru rose quickly, picked up his laptop and moved to the door. "Well since I'm doing all the work, I'll just plan it like I always do," he said, walking out and slamming the door behind him. Kyo woke with that, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Die sighed and scratched his head. "Kaoru's in one of those moods again... I'm gonna go talk to him," he said and Toshiya looked up at Die, watching him leave the room. He was a dead man.

Kaoru sat in his room sulking flipping through numerous webpages. Ah, the internet, always made him feel good. The door opened with a slam and Kaoru looked up. "You bastard I was reading something" he grumbled as Die just waltzed right in, sitting on the couch next to Kaoru.

"What's with you and Totchi, eh Kaoru?"

Kaoru darkened at the mention of Toshiya's name. "Nothing...only that he tried to date rape me...sicko," he said normally. Die couldn't help but stare. "Date rape...Toshiya? I thought he hated you." Die said, puzzled.

"Well apparently not," Kaoru said briskly, "I only asked him for a drink, not for him to drug and rape me..." Die thought about this carefully, "well women are easy to drug-" but he was cut off when Kaoru grabbed him by the shirt.

"Are you calling me a woman?"

Die couldn't help but look at the hand that was grabbing him. "Nah, dude, you’re too masculine. Toshiya would be on the bottom." Kaoru's jaw dropped. "Are you mad? I wouldn't do Toshiya!" he said indignantly. Die lit a cigarette nonchalantly, "so you would do a man though?"

"No I wouldn't why would you assu--"
"Because you said you wouldn't do Toshiya, but you didn't say you wouldn't do a man...I'm just asking...stop giving me that look!"

"I don't like men!" Kaoru roared out in frustration, always hating when Die did this. He grabbed his laptop briskly and slammed the door behind him.

"He so likes men." Die said to himself while finishing his cigarette.


Toshiya was escorting Kyo and making sure he got on the bus safely. "I just don't get it Kyo..." he muttered sullenly. Kyo didn't say anything, knowing where this was going. "Kaoru's so mean to me," Toshiya whinned, and Kyo just nodded, his hair getting wet from the rain. Toshiya continued on, not caring if Kyo was listening or not. The bus came and Kyo waved goodbye and called from the bus "don’t worry about it, it'll blow over…soon."

Toshiya watched the bus move away. He felt a tap on his shoulder and as he turned around he found himself suddenly on the floor. Die hovering over him. "What the hell is this?" Die's face was stern and unyielding, "I told you to stay away from him." Toshiya tried to move away from him, "I didn't do anything!" Die lit a cigarette, "that’s not what Kaoru said", he said as he blew the smoke into Toshiya's face.

Toshiya couldn't help but yell back at Die. "What do you mean? I have no clue about what your talking about!"

Die moved forward, pinning Toshiya to a wall and growling into his ear. "I know what you did last night."

Toshiya waved his arms frantically, "Oh... that? That wasn’t me, that was him!" At that, he received another punch, "don't lie to me you little bitch."

"Bitch? Who are you calling a bitch? Kaoru's the only bitch here." Die raised his eyebrows at this statement. "So, you wanna start with me Totchi?" he said playfully.

Totchi blanched, "look I don’t want any trouble, I'm just telling you it wasn't me-" but Die interrupted him, "and I'm telling you stay the hell away from my Kaoru."

Toshiya froze. "Yours?"

Die blushed a bit, "You know what I mean," and he ran off through the rain.

Toshiya touched his cheek, "man this is a bad week." He had to go back to the studio to get his bass because he had only come out to walk Kyo to the bus. Hopefully Kaoru wasn’t there. As he was walking back however, as luck would have it, he ran straight into Kaoru.

‘Great, and I was inches away from the door too. Just my luck.’ He thought to himself. Kaoru looked down at him, "What are you back here for?" he asked coldly.

With that Toshiya exploded, he had reached his limit. "That's it, I've had it with you! What the hell did you go sic your boyfriend on me for?"

"God damn it, second time this day! I'm not gay!" Kaoru roared back.

Toshiya replied coldly while walking by Kaoru, "Could've fooled me". Kaoru grabbed his arm roughly, "I'll tell you when you can and can not walk away." Toshiya locked eyes with him, "What the hell is your problem? I mean seriously, I know you hate me but come on man, I'm just walking here." Kaoru moved closer to him "Everything about you is my problem. I'm here, you’re there, every fucking place I'm at, you’re there."

"Excuse me?” Toshiya retorted, pushing his arms on Kaoru’s chest, “but you asked me out for a drink." Kaoru snorted, "I didn't ask to be date raped."

Toshiya threw us arms up in frustration, "You raped me" Toshiya said, putting emphasis on each word. As Toshiya rambled on, Kaoru was slowly getting more and more frustrated "I can't help it--" he said.

Toshiya opened his eyes and locked gaze with Kaoru. What he saw freaked him out. Kaoru was about and inch away from his face. "You just don't shut up, do you?" and with that, Kaoru claimed his lips. Toshiya's eyes widened in confusion; what was going on? Everything was moving too fast. Did Kaoru really hate him? Why was this kiss so enjoyable? Toshiya couldn't help but notice the water dripping from Kaoru's eyelashes. He had to admit, his eyes were beautiful…among other things.

The sound of the door slamming caught both of their attention…and as they broke apart to see the source of the noise, they halted- it was Die.


Posted by: pokky4ever (pokky4ever)
Posted at: September 9th, 2006 04:37 am (UTC)

~oooohhhhh~ Nice chapter! Really nice one (like all the others).. I guess Kaoru doesn't hate Toshiya after all XD

Posted by: rframewlight (rframewlight)
Posted at: September 10th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)

Wicked story you'se got there. Hehe, *sexual tension*. Smell you later.

Posted by: Zetsubou (tenshinoitami1)
Posted at: September 10th, 2006 05:21 am (UTC)

I dont understand this fic, its very confusing

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